3D Renderings using Radiosity & Global Illumination

Radiosity has been used for 3D renderings for a few years now and prominently in architectural renderings, where realism is a necessity. It is an advanced computer 3D rendering process that delivers the highest quality images. It calculates the subtle variations of light in a scene and how that light interacts with all objects within. The result is a 3D rendering or illustration that mimics the quality of a real photograph. The downside is that this advanced technique requires significantly more computer processing power and time. If a 3D artist has just one computer to work with then the time to render an image could increase by a factor of 100 or more.

At Archiform 3D we see radiosity as not just a requirement for still 3D images. We bring this advanced realistic technique to animated virtual reality footage. This is why our 3D animated interior scenes are so much better than other companies, in fact we consider them "Photo-Perfect™". Our architectural animations don't have that plastic feel that you see in other showreels. When you compare prices for animations you must, without doubt, compare the quality of the 3D fly-through footage.

Why are we unique in this field? Because we have the computing power and the technique to create 3D radiosity animated renderings in short production times. Our 3D rendering artists have a large dedicated array of powerful computers to aid the process of radiosity animation and we have invested heavily in research to get that magical combination of speed and quality. This heavy leaning on technology means that our 3D renderings and animations still render quickly, regardless of the intense computational needs required for radiosity rendering. This is in keeping with our philosophy of having the best artists backed by the best hardware doing the best work.

We feel that our superb quality 3D rendered architectural radiosity animations and renderings make our product an easy choice for our client base in the USA and Australia. Almost all other companies will only give you normal "ray traced" animated footage and only give you radiosity rendered images for the stills. This time make sure that your entire presentation has radiosity rendered quality.

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