Virtual Tours

Archiform 3D is pleased to announce our solution for interactive panoramic tours, and as with everything we do, it's 100% included within our regular service. It works perfectly with any kind of interior scene and can even be applied to exteriors.

The technology itself is not new, in fact we have been using it internally for the last 20 years, but the delivery was always difficult, especially with the rapid change in technology and hardware. But one such change, HTML5, along with the improved performance of mobile devices, has brought everything to a stage of "ready for prime time".

Today we can provide panoramic virtual tours of every project that run smoothly on PCs down to iPhones. You can include them directly into your own website, with no need for licensing or ongoing fees, and to any size or configuration you prefer.

The sample above uses the buttons below it to navigate from room to room, keeping the viewing area clean, but you can also have clickable nodes and other navigation aids if needed. The interface can be tuned to almost any design you prefer, making it an easy fit into your website.

Samples of virtual tours:

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