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Archiform 3D is primarily a 3D visualisation company with an emphasis on detailed 3D animation and renderings. This expands into associated fields that ensure a complete, high-quality presentation. By handling these fields in-house we ensure that quality is maintained and our clients don’t need to deal with complex issues themselves.

3D Rendering and Animation

The most prominent and visual part of what we do is 3D. Our PhotoPerfect™ techniques provide detailed and extensive 3D services that are unique in the field. Our strengths are our level of service, quality and inclusion.

Camera tracking, photomontage and compositing

Sometimes the best way to present in 3D is to blend it with reality. To this effect there are two ways to do it, by overlaying and integrating with photographs or with video. Big budget Hollywood movies use these effects a lot to enhance a normal scene in reality into something more inspiring or to tell a story.

Photomontage is the most simplistic form of compositing because the image is not moving, however while the process is easier the level of detail is higher, often involving the detailed tracing of leaves and the complex adjustment of the 3D environment to match the one in reality.

Camera tracking requires the precise calculation of a real video camera’s movement in 3D space and then the exact matching of that path in 3D. From there we can create an exact matching 3D animation to integrate with the real video. The process has many more complications, such as rotoscoping and masking but the idea of the finished video is easy to grasp.

Photography and Video

The photomontage and camera tracking services both require a solid foundation, that being the original shots and footage that we work with. Normal photographers and videographers can’t be expected to understand the exact working and process of these effects and the small differences between a good shot and a fair one are what makes the entire shot workable or just left on the cutting room floor.

Archiform 3D is equipped for and offers location services for both video and photography. We can fly to almost anywhere in the world with enough portable technology to take care of most projects.

Video Production

3D animation needs to be put together properly once it is created, and that composition forms a large part of the overall impact of the presentation. When done properly the video production, scripting and voice over is worked in sync with the creation of the 3D footage.

Scale Model Making

Archiform 3D offers scale models using the same service and level of detail we are know for, normally generated from the same structural 3D CAD files created to form the 3D animations. The two products, while inherently quite different, are intertwined.

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