Main Services

3D Visualisation, Architectural Rendering, Animation, Virtual ToursWith a heavy lean on technology, we can shape up a project and bring it to life quickly, in-house and on time. We don't outsource our work so the same people that you are talk to are the same ones doing the work.

Design & PlanningWe are not going to try and replace your architects, but we are sure going to help them along. If you have experienced enough projects you know that there are many things that your architect will be working on and that the pace can often be slow. We can fill in the gaps and get your project presented for the market quickly, bypassing the bottlenecks that occur so often and can stop your development in its tracks.

Interior Design RenderingsMost projects, especially condo, are selling a building and not furniture, but you cannot attempt to sell from just an empty room and you need a great interior design to make it look right – in fact, it may be the interior design that sells the project and not the actual floor plan. We can create amazing interiors quickly and present your project at its best, once again bypassing bottlenecks and headaches

Video ProductionA video can say so much and the styles are rapidly changing, which is something we keep abreast of. We can gather location footage and combine our 3D animation to create terrific videos that put your message across exactly as you planned it.

Books & DocumentationWhen you need high quality presentation, such as coffee table book, sales material, or a pitch for investors, we can assist. Take a look at our own books, to get an idea of what we can do, at We can lay out something for you quickly and get you what you need in your hands within days. We also do a terrific job of creating floor and site plans for presentation.

WebsitesWe took a break from websites for a long time while the market found its feet. Now that it has and the predominant devices have been established (iPhones, etc), we are back like never before. This time we are running with WordPress sites, which have many stunning templates to use, and can be maintained and edited by yourself later on – perfect for getting your project visible quickly.

Specialized services

PhotographyPlease, don't send your receptionist out with her iPhone to take the pictures. There is a massive difference between professional shots on real equipment and amateur, so let us explore the site, capture the views and everything else we need to present the site perfectly. We may also capture the small things on a location that are more important than you may realise
Development servicesAlmost 30 years in the field gives us a unique global perspective on development and we are often brought in to assist with not just developing the ideas and preparing the documentation, but with overall strategy and negotiating and interpreting the needs of all interested parties.
  • Development summaries for investment
  • In principle and development approval documentation
  • Negotiations
  • General strategy