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3D architectural animated showreel

View or download our showreel, which is a culmination of projects over the years. Current reel is 2006. You can also download a new High Quality QuickTime version using the new H.264 CODEC.

Stereoscopic Showreel

Presentations and technology that employ stereoscopic techniques. These require the use of 3D glasses.

3D Rendering and animation portfolio

An extensive gallery of 3D art from around the world. We try to update it every few months, so it's worthwhile book marking this section.

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2007 Gallery >
2006 Gallery >
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Video and TV Commercial production

Our video production and TV commercials are part of an overall digital media service.

House Renderings & Illustrations

Archiform 3D creates renderings for houses and community developments.

Many building companies are using us now to save building every new design in their range. The quality is superb and the price attractive.

Website Design

Archiform 3D creates custom designed websites for real estate developments, realtors, building companies and property developers.

About Archiform 3D



    Archiform 3D maintains an open policy on prices, preferring you to see them up front. Prices are updated regularly.

Contact Details

Use this section to locate, call or email your nearest office.


Frequently updated news about Archiform 3D and our current projects.

Key People

The people working on your project. See what they look like and read a small bio. Includes:

Architectural Renderings

Archiform 3D is a world leader and innovator in architectural renderings.


Cinema 4D architectural challenge. Want to try your hand at 3D artwork?

Interior Design Renderings

All about interior design renderings, samples, processes, gallery. Archiform 3D is an excellent resource for interior designers that need high quality images on time for almost any kind of interior presentation imaginable. We have also detailed the process of making interior design renderings.

Virtual Reality

Bringing 3D images to virtually real, at least seen that way anyway. Virtual Reality is one of the many tools in our arsenal. There is an article on virtual reality in architecture.

3D animation

Bring architectural animations and other scenes to life 3D motion video. We were early pioneers of animation with architectural projects.

Computer animation


3D renderings

3D renderings have become the backbone of many presentations.

Digital Art

3D Art

Virtual Tours


Architectural Scale Models and Model Making

  • Briefing for scale models
  • Pricing scale models



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Glossary of 3D words and phrases
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3D fly-through animations
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3D architectural renderings done in Toon
3D architectural renderings quality levels
3D camera tracking
3D Walk Though
Interactive Walk Through
Archiform 3D innovation (3 pages)
Architectural renderings in Miami
Architectural illustration services - 3D
Fly-through Fly-by 3D animations
Archiform 3D Terms, Conditions and Policies
Architectural perspective renderings
Checklists for providing a 3D brief
3D Walk-Through Animation

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Notes and descriptions:

Freelance opportunities

If you are experienced in Graphic Design, 3D artwork or ArchiCAD then you may be interested in our freelancing opportunities.


USA toll free 877 285 1049
Miami: 786 866 5931
New York: 646 485 1085
Los Angeles: 213 596 9108
Australia: 07 3040 0904

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