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Kristie T Reinert, Vice President Marketing, Tarragon Corporation, Florida - US
I have been using Archiform 3D since 2002 in my capacity as marketing director at both WCI Communities and Tarragon Corporation. As you can imagine, I have worked with many 3D virtual reality and rendering companies over the years, and am approached by many companies, so I am very much an expert within the industry. Archiform 3D has some distinctive qualities in quality, price and service. They are a company that I know will give me 100% regardless of what obstacles I present them with and they appear to value my satisfaction as a client above all else. Given the opportunity to perform they will always impress me with their concise and effective workflow, and their quality is always as a leader in the marketplace. They have never surprised me with additional costs or extras – when Archiform 3D quotes a price it is complete and fixed. I value my relationship with Archiform 3D and trust they will continue to serve me this well in the future. Kristie T Reinert, Vice President Marketing, Tarragon Corporation, Florida - US
 John Twohig, Managing Partner, New Home Sales Group, Inc.
I hired Steve, and his great people at Archiform 3D, to produce renderings and digital animations for two new mixed-use real estate developments. Steve and his group worked hard to render the specific textures, colors and landscaping found in the midwestern U.S. We're very happy with the results. And communicating half a world away was a cinch - both via phone and e-mail. John Twohig, Managing Partner, New Home Sales Group, Inc.
 Tony Scott, Quadrant Creative, Gold Coast, Australia
On reputation and an impressive set of credentials, Quadrant Creative chose Archiform 3D to deliver the ‘photo real’ virtual components for the launch of Element. These included a high resolution suite of still images as well as a series of fly-throughs utilised in the Sales Centre and customer audio-visual presentation. Aside from the usual requests for high quality apartment interiors and features, Archiform 3D delivered a complex set of montaged images including aerials that ‘virtually’ delivered the finished Element vision into the arms of buyers. The cutting edge quality of the imagery has played a significant part in the ‘off the plan’ sales success of Element to date. Tony Scott, Quadrant Creative, Gold Coast, Australia
 Gil Dezer, Trump Dezer Developments, Florida USA
I have to admit when Archiform 3D approached Trump Dezer Developments I was sceptical. After all, it’s like a million companies want our work and when you give them a job they all seem to suffer from the same problems. Getting high quality virtual reality presentations on time and to a fixed budget seemed to be impossible. Archiform 3D has proved to be the first company that simplified the process, delivered on time, on budget and backed up the product with after sales service second to none. I was able to use their libraries, scenes and briefing tools to get exactly what I wanted with hardly any pain. These guys don’t mess around! The DVD they produced for me was 100% effective and I couldn’t have asked for a better result, especially for the money.Aside from the usual requests for high quality apartment interiors and features, Archiform 3D delivered a complex set of montaged images including aerials that ‘virtually’ delivered the finished Element vision into the arms of buyers. The cutting edge quality of the imagery has played a significant part in the ‘off the plan’ sales success of Element to date. Gil Dezer, Trump Dezer Developments, Florida USA
Adam Adache,
We initially contracted Archiform to create some interior renderings and animation for 30 Thirty North Ocean. After exceeding expectations with their quality and overall performance we extended our contract to include complete project renderings, animation, brochure and website design. Steve and his team were an instrumental part of our successful sales launch. They have made dealing with local and out of town buyers much easier by converting the onsite experience to a digital format. Adam Adache,
 Patric Rozario, United Development Company, Qatar
After an extensive global search for the ideal company to produce Photorealistic 3D Renderings, The Pearl-Qatar chose Archiform 3D. The criteria used to analyse the best company for the Photorealistic 3D Renderings were not only on capability and expertise, but also on punctual delivery, the ability to communicate timely and update us with progress. I am delighted with the services provided by Archiform 3D, especially for their understanding and their ability to accommodate to unavoidable last minute changes. Certainly I would use Archiform 3D for future requirements. Patric Rozario, United Development Company, Qatar
Julie Martin, Martin and Martin Advertising
Working exclusively within the real estate industry for over a decade, we have come to appreciate the need to deal with professional contractors; those well equipped to: 1. deal with the requirements of the individual job specifications, 2. have staff that can communicate efficiently, 3. delivery work on deadline, 4. perform to the quoted price. Over the years, as you can image, as technology has vastly improved, the criteria for selecting contractors to fulfil our work requirements has become increasingly easier. The contractors that upgrade their technology are those, we have found to be the most reliable and the most cost efficient. We have dealt with contractors that have both disappointed our clients and our agency by not producing what was agreed as the scope of work, have not provided the material on the due date and have charged additional fees to complete the work. As an agency we pride ourselves on the work produced for our clients, we have worked with Archiform3d for several years now. Based upon their professionalism, abilities and services we have found them to provide the services required at the best price in the market and deliver the material on set deadlines. Julie Martin, Martin and Martin Advertising
I want to thank you and your tremendous employees for the outstanding service and first class product Archiform3D has continually delivered to us over the past year. Working in an industry that heavily relies on sales and marketing, it is imperative that we maintain a never-ending emphasis on the development and improvement of web site technology, animation and marketing techniques. The expertise of the ArchiForm3D Team Members in these key areas, coupled with the close working relationships, access to team members, ability to quickly understand our goals and visions is only overshadowed by their top-quality work, reliability, competitive price and eagerness to help our company succeed. After working with numerous animation, marketing, website and software companies, it is an absolute joy to be able to focus my time on the numerous additional development, construction and sales issues for a given project, having confidence in the quality and timeliness of all work contracted to ArchiForm3D. ArchiForm3D’s work has been a major factor in our company’s success, and we look forward to a continued and long business relationship with you and your outstanding firm. Please feel free to pass along my name, as I would highly recommend your firm to a company in any industry. Brooke A. Hornbeck, Director of Development, Grand Lifestyle Development, Georgia, USA
Cody Highsmith, Vice President, Crust USA LLC
Archiform 3D has been instrumental in the design of our restaurant. Being a private equity firm we deal with companies that do renderings and walk through models for every business we buy and rebrand. We came across Archiform 3D and could not of been more satisfied. We presented Steve with a unique challenge in making and branding a new concept for North America. Most rendering companies all outsource or play middle man for companies in India or China, that's not the case with Archiform – Steve and his team do all the work locally. Often times we would screen share with Steve and watch the changes take place as we were on the phone or skype. By Steve sharing his screen we were able to cover quite a large amount of the design process in a short period of time while also experimenting with different design elements & features. The process was extremely easy and efficient, the rendered images turned out amazing and are such good quality that nearly everyone showed thought that the renderings were actual photos. The 3D animation was the icing on the cake for me, the animation that Steve provided to us was extremely helpful in the layout and the whole flow of the restaurant and kitchen, it was though we were walking through the space. We will be using Archiform 3D again for all of our Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar as well as all of our franchises. Cody Highsmith, Vice President, Crust USA LLC
Kathy Miller, Director of Marketing, The Ronto Group, Inc.
We won the lottery the day that Steve Bell stopped at our office to drop off information about Archiform 3D. We'd been through several animators and struggled every step of the way. We decided to give Archiform 3D a try and we've never looked back. Steve and his team have made our job so easy it's ridiculous and the difference in the animations is like night and day! Kathy Miller, Director of Marketing, The Ronto Group, Inc.
Anthony Solomon, Executive VP, The Ronto Group, Inc.
Archiform 3D is the 5th animation company that I've worked with and based on the work that they put out, its probably going to be the last! They are organized and creative and they really understand how to make something look desirable and appealing! What a concept! Anthony Solomon, Executive VP, The Ronto Group, Inc.
Zach Goldsmith, Hilton & Hyland Real Estate, Beverly Hills, CA
We interviewed a handful of the top rendering companies in the world for a very important $35m (unfinished) property we have for sale in Beverly Hills. We ended up choosing Archiform 3D because they clearly offered the best overall package (best quality product, best customer service and Steve Bell was the only one who really understood what we needed to accomplish). Steve and his team flew out to California to meet with us and gave us a very competitive estimate for a high end product on the spot. We agreed on terms and they very quickly turned around an astonishing product. So much so that I get more calls inquiring about the renderings than I do the property. Zach Goldsmith, Hilton & Hyland Real Estate, Beverly Hills, CA
Daniel Adache, Adache Group Architects
As architects it can be difficult to find people that can work with the constant design development that every project deserves, and this is most apparent in the field of 3D visualisation. We found Steve Bell's company Archiform 3D and decided they are the right fit for the project, 30 Thirty North Ocean Condominium, due to it's tight timeline, extensive "wish list" of services and the need for flexibility throughout the process. It's also a project that we have personal stake in. Steve attended to this project personally and we were pleasantly surprised to have experienced a new level of service with regards to all renderings, animations and marketing, that took what is a moderately sized projected and presented it into the "big league" for a moderate budget. I can testify to Steve's hands-on approach and that it gave my staff and I the chance to move quickly and get almost immediate results back from changes to the specification, sometimes even as we watched on screen, and without question he over-delivered at every phase. Archiform 3D don't just strive to get the project out, it is clear that they take on every client for the long haul, with their backup service being, without question, impeccable. Daniel Adache, Adache Group Architects
Ross Garland, Spacelabs Healthcare
Spacelabs came to Archiform 3D to have them create a unique environment to showcase our new products. These new Patient Monitoring products provide the care giver with significant improvements in style end design. In that regard the decision was taken to showcase these as works of art in a contemporary art gallery. As we looked at the talents of Archiform 3D we knew they could create a virtual gallery providing a very rich and hi tech feel to present our products, in which we would shoot a video showcase. We worked as a team closely with Steve. Steve really understood the feel we were looking for and created us a very cool gallery. Within the gallery Steve also took our product CAD files and video screens and created life like 3D digital renderings of our products to place within the gallery. Steve and the Archiform team were able to provide a very quick turnaround working closely with us on implementing the feedback we provided for changes to the 3D render. We are thrilled with the final result and the experience we had working with Archiform 3D. Ross Garland, Spacelabs Healthcare
 Scott Eurich, VP General Manager, Wilesmith Advertising
The work Archiform 3D did for Wilesmith was outstanding, and was done on time and on budget. The project was on a very tight dead-line with very difficult people, and Steve and his group made it easy. Scott Eurich, VP General Manager, Wilesmith Advertising
We searched extensively throughout the USA for a company to prepare the presentation work for our new beach side high-rise development, making many comparisons for service, quality and value. We came across Archiform 3D on the internet and through further investigation found them to be well established and with an extensive portfolio of architectural renderings and animated video. Their innovative approach to stereoscopic 3D renderings was also very appealing and helped close the deal on our project "Amrit Resort and Residences" on Singer Island, West Palm Beach. Steve Bell visited us personally and recommended many things that improved our overall presentation and sometimes even saved us money. We deal directly with the people working on each project, utilizing the instant chat and video conferencing facility that Archiform 3D offers. We are always in close contact with each team member that works with us. Throughout the entire process Steve has also kept in contact and checked that we are always happy with the service. Archiform 3D's renderings and fly-through video exceeded the quality that we expected. While Steve promised that they prefer to over-deliver on each project, one never truly believes this until the results, which are impressive. I am pleased to say that as we expand into new real estate developments Steve and the entire team at Archiform 3D moves with us and is handling more of our work. Snehal Desai, Amrit, West Palm Beach, USA
Chad A Chamberlin
Archiform 3D produces the highest quality real estate renderings and animations of anyone in the business. Their prices cannot be beat and their customer service is superb. I have recently completed my first project with Archiform 3D and cannot wait to begin my next one. Chad A Chamberlin
Chad A Chamberlin
Great work. The team at Archiform overdelivered throughout the process to create beautiful 3D from minimal architectural source materials, and kept to their pledge to “get it right” by working through multiple revision requests. We appreciate the high quality of the finished product. Chad A Chamberlin
Stuart H Anderson, George Armour Ewart, Architect
We were involved with Archiform 3D previously, having been the architects for the Knoxville Fitness Center project. When another client needed renderings for a smaller commercial project we called Steve Bell, the chief at Archiform 3D, to see if he could handle such a job for us. To my relief was he able to take it on, the price was great, the quality excellent and we actually dealt with Steve himself on the project. Archiform 3D’s advice on the project and experience within the field made the process simple and highly effective. We love the work that Archiform 3D did. Stuart H Anderson, George Armour Ewart, Architect
Charles Allem, CAD International, Miami, Florida, USA
Archiform 3D has done outstanding work for us, interpreting both the intent and the feeling of the spaces clearly and beautifully. Their work conveys the reality of our design to our clients around the world. Charles Allem, CAD International, Miami, Florida, USA
Ana Albert , Account Executive, Floating Accommodations, ALMACO Group, Inc.
Our company works very often with architectural 3D renderings and have never come across a company as dedicated and proactive as Steve Bell’s: Archiform 3D. In a desperate attempt to try to bring an increased level of professionalism to the renderings that I needed for a customer meeting and with an impossible two-day deadline, I found Steve and after a brief discussion he was able to take a job several other local companies refused to due to the tight schedule. Archiform 3D not only delivered the agreed number of images, but over-delivered in quantity and quality of work. Steve personally worked closely with me and provided quite the customer service experience, demonstrating his company’s creative and technical capabilities as well as their personal touch. I would highly recommend Archiform 3D and particularly Steve Bell for any job where high standards of quality and professionalism are desired. I personally would like to thank Steve for a fantastic job. My colleagues and I will continue to use Archiform 3D for all our 3D rendering needs. Ana Albert , Account Executive, Floating Accommodations, ALMACO Group, Inc.
 Hamad Abdulaal, Managing Director, Etmaam Investments
We consider Del Mar residential and commercial towers the essence of height and luxury for high-rise buildings worldwide. We searched high and wide for a team able to quickly grasp our visions and ideas, translating concepts to digital 3D artwork. We truly believe that Archiform 3D has captured and will continue to capture the creativity of our architects, sketch designers, and concept/interior designers. Hamad Abdulaal, Managing Director, Etmaam Investments
 Mark Advent, Chairman, Eighth Wonder, Las Vegas, Nevada USA
Archiform 3D brought Eighth Wonder's proposed USD $4 billion dollar integrated resort proposal for Singapore to life! Their passion, professionalism, commitment and dedication to detail is remarkable and their final work product is a twenty first century tool, which is the "icing on the cake" in large-scale deal making. Mark Advent, Chairman, Eighth Wonder, Las Vegas, Nevada USA
Khaled Abdel-Jabbar, Future Vision Productions, Jordan
Archiform 3D combines amazing 3D skills with extensive knowledge, understanding and personal service. We have been involved with 3D companies before but until now never really experienced the passion, commitment and quality of work as what Archiform 3D has produced for and with us. Their willingness to go the extra mile, attentiveness and creative thinking has helped us achieve greater things for our clients and company as a whole. Archiform 3D allows us to communicate with everyone in their key production crew and I am glad to say that this unique approach not just builds better business but long-term corporate friendships as well. Khaled Abdel-Jabbar, Future Vision Productions, Jordan