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Tips & Articles to make your 3D experience a better, easier and more profitable one.

We get asked many questions over the years and some repeat. We also see many problems that clients encounter that could have been avoided with a little bit of specialist knowledge. So to make your business life easier we are now publishing tips for within the architectural 3D rendering industry and pre-construction sales. You will find answers to small problems and large ones.

How to install and set up AIM or iChat
Use video conferencing to communicate with us over the internet.

How to set up a DVD presentation in a real estate sales suite.
Save money and avoid critical problems when you set up your display suite for pre-construction and off-the-plan sales.

How to empty your web browser cache.
Find out why you aren't seeing your latest website alterations immediately and learn how to fix the problem

How to get your 3D renderings faster.
Learn how to improve your communication and brief with the 3D artist.

Understand how to spot quality renderings and avoid paying extra.
This is the article that the other 3D companies don't want you to know about. Learn how to avoid sharks, by-pass middle men and pay less.

The Architectural 3D Rendering process.
A multiple page article of how the entire process of quoting to delivery is carried out. Learn the workflow and see where it can help you.

Real 3D landscaping vs Flat
Learn how to pick the difference and understand the two techniques.

3D Models
A brief history of our 3D modelling in the architectural field.

3D renderings and animation with radiosity
Get an understanding of this advanced technique

3D Renderings for Architecture
A history of 3D renderings and how they evolved.

Architectural illustration using CGI
How architectural illustration moved from pens and pain to computer generated imagery.

Demystifying the Rendering Process
A graphically illustrated article that gives some technical knowledge of how 3D renderings are made.

3D Renderings for Interior Designers
An article focused primarily on the need of interior designers.

What size do you need your architectural renderings to be?
How to get the correct size images for your print artwork.

What do you use architectural renderings for and when do you order them?
Insights into the the process and uses.

Squeeze the size of your images, photos and renderings so you can email them

The levels of quality in 3D architectural renderings

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