I often chuckle at those brand new companies that pop up from time to time that come with 20 or more years of experience, but in order to get that number they added up the experience of every person in the company, cumulatively, and drew the conclusion that if you have 10 people with 2 years experience that you now have 20 years experience. 

This leads me to the admission that I am one of the grandfathers of 3D. I started in the field of computers, technology, 3D, design and planning way back when I was 19 – at the beginning working through the day and studying at night. Yes, that’s a real 30+ years of just one person. I have had the time to have more successes and commit more acts of stupidity than I can easily remember, but fortunately it is the former that has become predominant, like the grey hairs that come with the territory. And my next admission is that I am still doing the work at an age where most people don’t want to touch the tools. Why? Because I love what I do!

Fortunately I am also surrounded by fresh ideas and upcoming talent that not only assist me but nurture the inner child in me that craves to learn, experience and develop new ideas to what is an ever evolving audience. I’m often given reminders that sometimes the preconceptions I have about the market need to be adjusted, melding my background with a fresh approach that may have been hidden from me if it were not for the millennium age educating me daily as to what makes people tick today.

So, raise your favorite coffee stained mug, the one with the developing crack, and toast those that have the real experience and hope that we all will have the smarts to listen to those that don’t – the questions they pose today may be the next big thing.

Archiform 3D, a pioneer in advanced architectural technology, has been designing, visualizing and marketing real estate globally for over 30 years resulting in billions of dollars sold pre-construction.

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