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About Us
Digital Creative Studio

The most experienced 3D architectural marketing company with hundreds of projects under our belt and billions of dollars in sold real estate.

Giving you the best value

We work differently to other companies, and it’s all about delivering the best value, service, and the most flexibility. Our full scene approach and strict “no-outsource” policy sets us far ahead, with the ability to react quickly, precisely and with consistent quality.

Digital Marketing

From traditional print to high-tech social media we have all your needs covered and probably a few more.

Video and Location work

We put our feet on the ground of every project, and do our own photography and video. How could you start a project any other way?

In-House Design

We don’t need to replace your architects or interior designers, but we will fill the needs for all those things that you and they can’t get to with cutting edge ideas.

True Independent Studio

Real people, real hardware, no middlemen. You deal directly with the people working on your project and can get involved.

Our Services

We are a design, marketing and development consultant company that happens to use a great deal of 3D to assist in launching projects.

3D Rendering & Animation
Even the greatest project first start off as great ideas. We take your ideas and model them into existence using the latest in 3D technology. Whether you just want renderings and animations or a full 360- degree immersive video we allow you to see your idea take form, creating realistic scene or product. This then allows you the opportunity to make it better. Therefore, whether you are selling property or a new concept we help you create a presentation that is market ready.
Design & Planning
Our skillset goes far beyond just 3D animation. With more than 28 years in the design, development, architecture and construction field we fully understand the property development process and can assist with bringing your concept to fruition. We fill in the gaps to help with the complete simulation of a building, site or idea. This leads up to the production of data for construction revenue and ultimately profits. We then give you the tools to sell with 3D visualization.
Video Production
One of the most critical parts of any presentation is video production. We gather our own location UAV footage and combine it with 3D animation to create terrific videos that put your message across exactly as you plan. We can provide you from just the basics to a full-blown production. Here at Archiform 3D we create quality videos that can engage and compel your target audience.
Presentation Floor Plans
Archiform has made it so easy and affordable to get quality floor plans that we do with hybrid technique making your floor plans more inviting and buyer friendly. We blend the 2D plan files with 3D furniture, taken directly from our extensive library, and create vector scalable plans that can be used across all platforms. The result is a warm life-like feel over traditional line-work. Our colored plan production fits neatly into our production flow too, so alterations mid-way through a project are a breeze. it makes perfect sense to have Archiform 3D prepare your floor and site plans for marketing at the same time we prepare your renderings and animations. You get quality and integration with the entire project.
When you need high quality presentations, such as coffee table books, sales materials, or a pitch for investors, we can assist. Take a look at our own books, to get an idea of what we can do, at We can lay out something for you quickly and get you what you need in your hands within days.

Our Team

We are an independent studio with an in-house team

Steve Bell


Steve is considered not just a veteran in the field but also one of the pioneers, being the first to bring a property to life in 3D for pre-construction sales in Australia – something that was unheard of anywhere in the world at the time, he had encountered a lot of scepticism, yet was extremely successful. It set the trend and took him to where he is now with Archiform 3D and a string of large global successes.

Originally with a background in architecture and construction, Steve was ahead of the curve with computer-based technology, bringing 3D simulation to building design back in the 1980’s. This not only visualized projects but also generated quantities and data for building analysis, costing and scheduling. The combination forms the core of the services he now offers, which go far beyond mere presentation and are a truly complete package for kick starting almost any kind of property development and bringing it to the market early.

Randi Miller


Randi has a background of marketing, PR, and advertising. Her layouts, skilled copy writing and ability to get to the bottom of what a buyer is really looking for make her a valuable part of our team and your project.

Her natural flair for style can turn an empty space into a dream home. With a track record to prove it, she understands the market and knows what a project needs to sell property to all ages and markets.

Favorite thing to hear from Randi- “Leave it to me, I have got this”

3D Architectural design company

Animated fly through video

Just like the renderings mentioned above, 3D animated video is a by-product, so we hold a significant advantage over other methods as the bulk of the work was put in. One significant benefit is that the 3D animated footage comes out to the same photo quality as the renderings. It means that our video footage is often of higher quality than live footage shot in a finished structure.

The most extensive digital delivery

It’s likely that you are not an expert at all of the latest forms of media, which is not only growing in quantity but also complexity. Archiform 3D’s wealth of deliverables also comes with an extensive array of options that cater to each form of media, from TV to the latest social media technologies.

Our Latest 3D Demo Reels

A sample of recent projects, techniques and styles squeezed into a short video.