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Unique interior designs released for the beachfront residences of the “Ascot Grand Bahama” development.

Ascot has been pushing its differences since Australian developer, Steve Bell, first announced his intentions late last year, and the freshly released interiors, by international designer Bianca Boie, have certainly proven this.

“Anti-glitz, pure elegance and substance” is Bell’s key phrase on all design aspects, and with the help of Archiform 3D each part has been painstakingly shaped to reflect that. Having done countless modern, hard-edged developments; Bell openly admits that he feels it is time for a change.

The Euro-American, Ms Boie, has been part of high-end international projects, which include Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton and appearances on HGTV’s “Selling LA”. She has been given the challenge to “create homes, not condos”, with Bell firmly believing that the hard lines of most developments today are “no more than attempts to convince buyers that cheap is supposed to be more, and to appeal as broadly as possible”. Bell states, “We don’t look to what our competitors are doing, don’t need an Italian fashion designer label on the building, and are focused on the Ascot quality and feel. Every residence, sidewalk and garden must draw people to Ascot and make them never want to leave.”

Ms Boie describes her theme as “barefoot elegance”, and “chic coastal living with influences of British colonial design”. Each room is inspired by the sea, which is understandable given that every beachfront residence has completely unobstructed ocean views. The low-density design combined with over 1000 feet of pristine beach means that Ascot does not need to cram units in around the towers – they all face directly to the ocean.

Ascot has wholesome undertones with simple, old fashioned, pleasures such as an orchard and edible gardens. This also reflects into the interiors with the use of organic materials, such as sisal, linens, seagrass, jute and bamboo.

“When the project is released it will be met with a great reception by the market. Since the crash there has been a flight to quality from today’s vacation and second home purchaser. Ascot’s eye-catching traditional architecture, stunning interior finishes, and direct oceanfront views will make it very attractive to potential purchasers,” states Myles Newell of Waypoint Realty, who has been assisting in shaping plans and strategies to meet the needs of buyers.

The Ascot Grand Bahama project is still in the pre-construction phase, with Mr Bell admitting that the detailing is taking longer than expected, “It’s a huge project, in a priceless location, and is detailed like no other, so understandably we are taking our time.”

Buyers will have the choice of either exclusive use or to put their residences into the resort rental pool, taking advantage of a healthy Caribbean tourism market, a comprehensive management program, and offsetting costs.

Virtual tours covering the beachside residence, beach amenities, orchard and marina are online now at