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Designing "Xanadu" was a passion project for me, driven by the desire to show the potential of a beautiful but neglected piece of land on Grand Bahama. This 20-acre beachfront and canal front site, once home to the infamous "Xanadu Beach Resort & Marina," had been left in ruins by hurricanes and neglect. My goal was to create a sustainable, hurricane-proof design that would bring new life to the island and its community.


Learn about the importance of in-house work in the creative industry and the benefits it brings to both clients and the community.


Experience a visual journey of innovation and design with our showreel, featuring a compilation of his most notable real estate projects from over the years.

Empowering Communities: The Solaris Project

Learn how the Solaris community in Puerto Rico is leading the way in energy efficiency and independence with standard solar power and Tesla Powerwalls in every home, and the story of developer Alejandro Brito's innovative approach.

Reflections on Harry's Island: A Memorable Project

Join Stephen Bell as he looks back on the design concept and proposal for Harry's Island, a world-class resort experience on the island of Sentosa, Singapore. From the inspiring theme and architecture to the challenges faced and memories made, this blog takes a nostalgic journey through one of Archiform's most memorable projects.

What happenned to the Ascot project?

Ascot was once a grand vision for a luxurious residential development on Grand Bahama Island, but it ultimately failed to come to fruition. The journey of the Ascot project was a roller coaster ride, filled with ups and downs, twists and turns, and many lessons learned. In this blog, we'll take a closer look at what went wrong, and the valuable lessons that came out of the experience for the author, who was closely involved in the project. With transparency and honesty, the author shares the story of Ascot, from the initial excitement and high hopes, to the setbacks and challenges, to the eventual decision to step away from the project. Through this honest account, readers will gain insight into the world of real estate development, and the importance of trust, integrity, and the power of a strong network.