An all encompassing technology that compliments new real estate development marketing perfectly.

“Digital” has evolved to encompass more than any one part of marketing ever was, as the internet provides more avenues to reach people. Today it encompasses the creation and delivery of everything, which includes traditional print media.

The renderings,video and all main delivery platforms are digital, and of course 3D, in the sense that we know it, always has been. The use of digital media has fragmented greatly, today it isn’t just whether it goes on the internet, but how. The editing of everything after the initial production has become significantly more complex due to the conflicting needs of various platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and others. In particular, Instagram needs shorter videos that are preferably in a square format, requiring a whole re-edit just for that one platform.

To effectively deliver 3D product now you also need to be a master of digital media of many disciplines. For example, here at Archiform 3D we typically deliver:

  • An extensive array of high resolution 3D renderings.
  • Regular animated and live videos for TVs in the sales office.
  • Videos tuned for regular social media like Facebook.
  • Short square format videos for Instagram.
  • Snippet videos for steady social media releases.
  • 360 degree pictures for immersive viewing on the internet.
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