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It’s not often you find a property developer who willingly cuts density from plans, but the Ascot Grand Bahama project just got a serious pruning by its lead, Steve Bell.

Ascot has been in the works for over a year now but has only become public knowledge last September. It is set upon a “barefoot elegance” theme with a twist of health and well-being. Features like edible gardens, an orchard and beachside yoga–meditation cabanas set Ascot outside of typical condominium developments.

The most noticeable change is the reduced number of towers that stretch across the more than 1000 feet of prime oceanfront beach. They have been trimmed from five towers to four and the overall project density has been reduced from 300 to 232 luxury condos. This in turn decreased parking requirements and allowed for an extension to the orchard.

“Sometimes designing for less density gives you a better project with little or no loss of viability,” says Bell, an Australian who leads the development. “We expect Ascot buyers to appreciate the additional space with fewer neighbours, and we also suspect the residents of Grand Bahama will prefer a more conservative approach to the site as opposed to full utilisation.”

The planned beachfront resort condominium development, released the latest renderings and designs this week and obtained in principle approval from the Grand Bahama Port Authority in December last year, paving the way for full documentation and construction. A 3D animated video has also been provided by Archiform 3D.

The project’s revised layout has more space between each tower and a greater offset from the neighbouring properties. There is also more beachfront space in front of the restaurant. Mr Bell estimates that the revised design contains approximately half of the permissible use for the site, which he believes “hits the sweet spot” for the location and theme of the project.

When asked to describe the overall theme to date, Bell responds; “Ascot is not Las Vegas on the beach, in fact you could say it is the complete opposite. Low density, thoughtful detailing and a design that will never look dated is what the Ascot buyer is looking for. Add in Grand Bahama’s infrastructure and amenities and we have a project that fills the void left by others that hinge on high density, fad-like features and glitz that everyone ultimately gets tired of. Ascot isn’t just a place to visit, it’s a place to stay.”

Ascot Grand Bahama is still in its planning phases and is anticipated to be on sale later this year.

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