We came up with something that is cool while messing with the Ascot project, deciding to make a hard cover book that can be delivered to people, ordered online, etc.. It’s a real coffee table style publication that can be printed on demand and ordered by anyone. We wanted to find a way to get more traditional with how Archiform 3D work is presented – old fashioned paper.

It works on the idea that while we have lots of wonderful videos, virtual tours and renderings, buyers are starting to miss the high quality feel of a book. At the same time developers and realtors often have a hard time stomaching the costs of setup and publication, often settling for something low quality to just get things moving. We have always been disappointed with how our work is not utilised to its fullest extent too. This way we can get a book together quickly and the costs are borne by whomever orders it – one by one or bulk orders. It also means that it is easy to change as needed, as you didn’t go and print 1000 of them that may all be obsolete in a few months.

The costs on our end are fairly low when absorbed with our normal work, and being able to set up all the 3D to match the best layouts means we can come up with a better product without messing around. It’s good food for thought on your next project – getting things presented quite quickly and with a lot of class. It fits our strategy of being able to get developments from nothing to the market quickly.

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