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Ascot: Luxurious Beachfront Living on Grand Bahama― Experience the epitome of island living with Ascot ―


  • Luxurious Beachfront Living
  • Private & Exclusive
  • Stunning Ocean Views
  • Sustainable Living
  • Island Oasis

Project Details

Ascot is a luxurious residential-hotel development concept on 18 beachfront acres on Grand Bahama. Designed by Stephen Bell, the concept features four towers on the beach and low-rise residences that stretch to the canal end of the property. The development includes a restaurant, clubhouse, tennis courts, general store, and extensive fruit bearing landscaping that includes an orchard. The interior designs are by Bianca Boie


The development is designed to provide an exclusive and private living experience for residents and guests. The towers are strategically placed to maximize the stunning ocean views, while the low-rise residences are nestled within the lush landscaping. The orchard provides fresh produce for the restaurant, and the tennis courts and clubhouse provide opportunities for residents to stay active and socialize. 


Ascot is the perfect blend of luxury and sustainability. The development is designed to be energy-efficient, with a focus on using renewable resources. The orchard and landscaping also provide a natural habitat for local wildlife. Experience the epitome of island living with Ascot.

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