ARCHIFORM : International Bazaar Design - Conceptual Design for Mixed-Use Development, Grand Bahama

International Bazaar Conceptual Design― Revitalizing Grand Bahama's International Bazaar ―


  • Community revitalization
  • Conceptual design
  • Hurricane Dorian recovery
  • Mixed-use development
  • Inspirational architecture

Project Details

The International Bazaar project was a unique opportunity for me, Stephen Bell, to give back to the community of Grand Bahama where I have owned a condo for over 20 years. The derelict tourist shopping community was an eyesore to the city of Freeport and I wanted to show what could be done to demolish and rebuild a mixed-use, community-oriented development that fostered growth and redevelopment in the downtown area. I took on this project as a service to the island, offering my expertise in designing a new concept that would revitalize the area


I started the design process by sketching loose shapes and before I knew it, I was sculpting in 3D. The concept included a boutique AirBNB styled hotel on one corner, restaurants, a general store, a public gym, and more. The development transitions from east to west, with the use of the space transitioning from home/office to apartments, reflecting the surrounding area and what it needs. 


The business model for this concept is important to me as it demonstrates how to attract large rental rates due to a shortage of habitable property after the damage of Hurricane Dorian. I want to encourage local architects to start designing for the community with no expectation of being paid, to get their work out there and express their own personality. By creating a concept that serves the needs of the residents and businesses in the area, it will inspire other developers to do the same. 


The International Bazaar project is an example of how design can have a positive impact on a community. My goal was to create a concept that not only looked beautiful but also served the needs of the residents and businesses in the area. It's not only about making a profit, it's about creating something that will be beneficial to the community and it will inspire others to do the same. I hope that this project will serve as an inspiration for future redevelopment projects on the island and elsewhere


I believe that the International Bazaar project will serve as an example of how design can change a community for the better. It's important to remember that the goal of design is not just to make a profit, but to create something that will benefit the community in the long term. I hope that this concept will inspire others to take on similar projects and make a positive impact on their own communities.

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