ARCHIFORM : Sabanera Guaynabo Development - Cohesive Design, Upscale Communities and Resilience

Sabanera Guaynabo Homes― Resilient and Attractive Community ―


  • Cohesive design
  • Upscale homes
  • Hurricane-resistant
  • Energy-independent
  • 3D visualization

Project Details

The Sabanera Guaynabo project is a residential community development in Puerto Rico. Working with developer Alejandro Brito, I designed a series of upscale homes that complement each other and create a pleasant streetscape. I designed all of the homes in one 3D scene to ensure that each home visually flows into the next, creating a cohesive and attractive community. 


The project includes 2 two-story and 2 single-story home designs, each strategically placed within the community. Being in Puerto Rico, I made sure that each home is hurricane-resistant and energy-independent. I also created a 3D video to help understand the design and envision the final outcome of the project. The project is currently in the design phase. 


The Sabanera Guaynabo project is a perfect example of my ability to create cohesive and attractive residential communities. I am proud of the work I did on this project and the impact it will have on the community of Guaynabo. It was a great opportunity for me to use my skills and knowledge to make a real difference in the world and I am looking forward to see it coming to life.

Launch VIDEO


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