Xanadu Beachfront and Canal Front Development - Stunning 3D Animation Video

Xanadu― The Beachfront and Canal Front Development of Your Dreams ―


  • Stunning Beachfront Design
  • Marina Safe from Storms
  • Carbon Neutral Concept
  • Revolutionary Hurricane-proof
  • Gorgeous 3D Animation

Project Details

Located on the beautiful Grand Bahama, the 20-acre Xanadu site boasts a rich history, having once been home to the "rat pack" and even purchased by Howard Hughes in 1972. The site has been on the market for decades and its existing buildings, the old "Xanadu Beach Resort & Marina" built in 1968, are now beyond repair. 


But all is not lost. Our team, led by architect Stephen Bell, has designed a stunning concept for the site that is both harmonious and sustainable. The layout is inspired by ocean waves and features a unique blend of organic curves and renewable energy solutions, such as extensive solar panel arrays. The buildings and marina are also designed to be "hurricane proof" for added peace of mind. 


The development includes three levels of accommodation, ranging from hotel-resort on the beach to longer-term and/or permanent accommodation in the north. A marina precinct in the middle offers additional hotel/transient accommodation, retail, dining, and community/resort facilities. But don't just take our word for it, check out the gorgeous 3D animation of the design on this page. Experience the beauty and potential of Xanadu for yourself.

Launch Project



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