Genius or Luck?

Either Way Altura is Winning!

When Ronto Group engaged us to handle the imaging and animation of Altura on Bayshore they
didn’t know what was coming in 2020 – none of us did. But the timing coincided with us developing
a new line of technology that provides buyers a fresh way to explore projects interactively from
anywhere, on almost any device. It turns out, by luck or smarts, the timing could not have been
better. Altura got all of the design, marketing, imaging and virtual reality we create put into one
extremely convenient web based module that can run remotely on almost any device without the

need for 3D goggles…. and rolled out just as COVID-19 became a big deal.

We call it “EXPLORE”, and it’s changing the face of how buyers interact with o! the plan real estate.

Check out the newletter for Explore below.

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