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It is always satisfying to see a well done project come to a close, and in the case of Archiform 3D it is even more rewarding to see that the final product is almost indistinguishable to the design and renderings that we did.

We had a client from the Casa Madrona Hotel & Spa, a top notch historic hotel in Sausalito, call to get some of my archives out from 2012. It gave us the opportunity to compare the design and renderings we worked on back then with what was actually built. The comparisons are interesting and satisfying.

The top image is the original and the bottom is the photograph from the site. Not only is it cool to see what they changed in the process but also how close the 3D is to the photograph. We try to be more photographic in our work instead of that blown out stylised look that some people run with – we think the style works, but are always looking for opinions.

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