ARCHIFORM : Sunset Key Cottage - Exclusive Island Living with Unique Design and Relaxing Balconies available for Purchase

Sunset Key Cottage― Exclusive Island Living ―


  • Exclusive Location
  • Unique Design
  • Relaxing Balconies
  • Available for Purchase

Project Details

The Sunset Key project is a charming cottage located on an exclusive island key just off Key West, Florida. I created the original interiors with interiors Bianca Boie and refinements were made later by Randi Miller. This concept is available for purchase on the site. 


One of my favourite aspects of the design are the balconies, which feature swinging chairs as designed by Bianca Boie. These unique and inviting spaces provide a relaxing and enjoyable outdoor living experience, perfect for enjoying the beautiful Florida sunsets. 


With its unique design and exclusive location, the Sunset Key cottage is sure to stand out and get attention. It's one of my favourite projects and I'm proud of the work that went into it.

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